The iREEL Campus Behavior Intervention Success Strategies (CBISS) system provides campuses with a research-based Response to Intervention (Tier II) alternative to In-School Suspension that empowers students with the skills necessary for improved social/emotional connections to foster optimal academic success in the classroom.

This comprehensive approach emphasizes effective instructional practices, social skills training, reflective writing, service learning, daily counseling, parent involvement and data-directed decision making.

Sustainable results include a reduction in discipline referrals, increased attendance, increased graduation rates and improvement in the areas of rigor and engagement.


The iREEL Teaching Information System is a process of classroom walk-throughs designed to provide just-in-time data to administrative and instructional staff to improve the quality of leadership decisions, increase the efficient and effective use of resources and intellectual capacity, and create a foundation for the development of professional learning communities.

Improvements are developed and implemented from collaborative discussions and planning rather than on assumptions of what is going on in the classroom. Information is entered into a customized web-based system allowing for unlimited research and reporting opportunities.


There are various approaches and strategies that teachers and support staff can use to help foster desired behavior, language and communication skills of children with autism spectrum disorders.

Children with autism display a wide range of cognitive and academic needs that may be seen in other disability categories.

While most have difficulty adjusting to normalcy in communication and social skills, students with Asperger’s Syndrome (a form of autism) often exhibit average to above average intelligence with many of these students receiving education in gifted and talented programs.

Given the proper training and support strategies, educators can and should provide every student with autism spectrum disorder the opportunity for the highest level of success in the classroom.

Highlighted Projects

Core Ready Texas

    Core Ready Texas is a global network of on demand tools focused on content knowledge, processes and best practices aimed at securing the optimal outcome for all students.

    Coming Soon

Texas PROS Project

    The PROS Project is a consequential effort to facilitate the highest level of resources to a district's most fragile, at-risk student populations to support and sustain active and ongoing school-wide improvement while working to dissuade, minimize and potentially eliminate the disproportional overrepresentation of minorities and special education students placed into alternative education campuses and classrooms.

    Statewide Success and Sustainability - 95%

Redesign & Restructure

    The purpose of the Secondary School Redesign and Restructuring Project is to provide academically unacceptable middle school and high school campuses with vital resources to implement innovative, school-wide initiatives designed to rapidly improve student performance.

    Statewide Success and Sustainability - 92%

MMT/MST Online Preparation

    The purpose of the MMT/MST Online Preparation Project is to ensure that each educator certified has the prerequisite content and professional knowledge necessary to perform satisfactorily as a Master Mathematics Teacher/Master Science Teacher and to serve as a mentor to other teachers.